Special Notice: On February 23, 2015, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Office announced that the TXMAS Awarding is currently on hold until further notice. We have been informed that new terms and conditions should be available shortly.  Want updates? Subscribe here!

TXMASAs part of a nationwide trend to make governments leaner and outsource many functions of government, the 2002 Texas legislature sought to make it easier for State agencies and co-op members to purchase goods and services. The new program is called TXMAS (pronounced Tex Mas).

The existing system of obtaining bids for most services has proved to be cumbersome to both state agencies and government vendors. While the bidding process is still used for some of the purchasing functions of state and local governments, more and more purchasers are preferring to use TXMAS contracts as it is a much faster procurement tool. In fact, the Texas Comptrollers office encourages agencies to purchase from TXMAS.

The following graph shows the purchases that were procured under TXMAS contracts.

Increase of sales through the TXMAS program

We have over 12 years’ experience helping companies obtain their TXMAS contract for clients who continue to succeed in the Government marketplace. We can support you as little or as much as you need.  Visit our TXMAS Template option if you are exploring submitting on your own. Keep in mind that not everyone will qualify to be a TXMAS vendor.    Below are some ways you an get on TXMAS:

1- If you have an existing government contract:

It should meet the following criteria to qualify for a TXMAS contract.

  1. The contract must have been competitively awarded by a government entity.
  2. The Scope of work on the contract must be generalized demonstrating a range of your capabilities.
  3. The contract must have at least one year left or has option periods that may be awarded.

2- If you already have a GSA Schedule

It may be easier to get your Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS) Contract. The Texas Procurement and Support Services division has established the Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS) contracts program that uses a vendor’s existing GSA Schedule contract to establish a separate TXMAS contract.

3- If you don’t have an existing government contract or a GSA Schedule

Are you looking into obtaining a federal GSA contract? we can help your business.

Once you have obtained a GSA contract, we will work with the state to create a TXMAS (Texas Multiple Award Schedule) Contract that will allow you to sell the same products and services to over 300 state agencies and 1,700 co-op members in the state –again without having to bid on every project.

TXMAS contracts are a tool that allows federal, state, and local government purchasers to buy from you, up to $1 Million, without having to go through the bidding process.